Outsourcing IT staff

Remote IT teams in the special economic zone of Russia


Our goal is to reduce costs and expenses. Increase the effectiveness of teams while ensuring simplicity and transparency of personnel decisions. Our task is to save your time and money!


We will form and ensure the effective operation of the remote development team and individual specialists:

  • for permanent work
  • for work on an urgent project
  • for temporary work for the required period of time

We will select employees and organize:

  • Your remote office
  • fly-in/fly-out work of specialists
  • moving to local office of the Customer


  • Choice of effective technology
  • Determination of the architecture of project
  • Planning of the stages of project implementation
  • Developing of wireframes and prototypes


  • Representation of interests
  • Recruitment of personnel
  • Marketing, advertising
  • Telecom
  • Accounting and finance

About us

A progressively growing company for the selection, hiring, control and maintenance of IT teams and specialists in Russia. We have extensive experience in the organization of planning and development of IT projects. The «Smart Techno LAB» team is currently working on breakthrough technologies in the field of distributed systems and cybersecurity.




Founder of «Smart Techno LAB». Expert in programming, distributed systems and cryptography. The author of the BasicChain is the technology for organizing a single distributed peer-to-peer network based on its own transport protocol stack. Expert of the European Association of Universities and Teachers of Higher Education. HiSTES Professional business coach. Internet entrepreneur with experience for more than 15 years. The creator of such Internet projects as: BasicChain, Social CRM, Bounty Hunter, InfoBot, CyberBox, Mining Center, etc.

Business processes


Team building


Coordination of number and quality of team

Search and selection of candidates


Evaluation of professional, individual and personal qualities of candidates

Approval of candidates by the customer

Conclusion of non-disclosure and copyright agreements

Testing and checking of candidate during probation period




General project planning and implementation advice

Office support and workplace equipment

Organization of day-to-day operations and effective functioning of the team

Organization of control over the activities of the team by the customer

Develop recommendations at all stages of project development

Replacement of employee at customer's request



const question_1 = ‘ With what "pains" do customers come to you? №1

The client talks about the project that he wants to implement and he needs a company that can make an application to order, or pick up employees. After a short conversation, it turns out that there is no Technical Assignment for the project or it is written in business language and more like a business plan. Under these conditions, you simply cannot create a work product.

The project will undergo a lot of changes and become completely different on the way. In addition, most often the client does not even know the technology on which the project will be implemented, and therefore does not represent the employees of which level and what specialization he needs. As a result, no matter which cool company is chosen and how much money is spent on the implementation of the idea, neither the company performing the work can hand over the product to the Customer, nor the Customer can use what it received.

Based on our experience and many years of cooperation with small, medium and large businesses in the framework of both microprojects and global systems, we have developed our own recommendations to our customers. And those who followed them were always satisfied with the result and thanked us for this approach to the cause. And our recommendations were as follows:

Firstly, a company is needed that will study the business processes in the planned product, describe it, create the product architecture and design with a layout, coordinate this architecture with the customer and eventually create a technical assignment for writing the product. Only in this way can you save time and money spent on implementation.

Secondly, we analyze the IT services market and calculate the costs of implementation, the implementation period, we plan at what stage and which specialists need to be attracted for implementation.

And thirdly, we recommend hiring only one key player or hiring such a player, he is the deepest immersed in the project, always in contact with the client, gets approval for each step. For this employee, we will pick up specialists on the team. We are aware in advance of the need to attract the following specialists and release existing ones. This is how we optimize the entire process of creating your product, saving your time and money, taking all issues related to hiring, layoffs, selection of players in the team, and you put all this at expense and pay for our services under the contract.

const question_2 = ‘ With what "pains" do customers come to you? №2

The company appeals: "We need several developers, we want them to sit with us and be ours." We're saying it's probably not going to work because the employees are remote. After that, they report: "Our technical director is against outstaffing." Then it takes about a month (or two), and colleagues return: "Okay, we agree to outstaffing, just give us these resources."

Actually, this is the most frequent case. This is such a "disease" associated with the fear of remote management. This happens because the expertise of the project management is absent or there are some myths: if you do not get a pointer to the head of a person, then he does not control.

After the conclusion of the agreement with us, all tasks and work processes come under OUR responsibility, that is, to the side of the outstaffer, who must register employees officially, pay taxes, keep personnel records, monitor documents, clearly adhere to the technical assignment, incur all costs associated with the operation of the office, organize the process of managing your team, establish interaction and control the communication and efficiency of tasks, solve all related business issues, you can only solve your problem without being distracted by solving third-party problems. At the same time, our staff is checked by time and a large number of tasks already solved on various technological stacks for companies from different countries, in various languages. To collect and retain such a team, which includes specialists in sufficiently narrow qualifications for companies whose task is to solve a particular business issue on a single scale would be beyond the overhead.

Our team has specialists in various fields - Frontend, Backend, programmers in various languages (depending on technological requests), blockchain programmers, multilingual linguistic specialists, designers, lawyers, etc. In addition, we have experts who can be involved in the event that you encounter difficulties associated with technologies and their implementation during the implementation of the project.

const question_3 = ‘ Why is outstaffing with us good?

Outstaffing has a number of advantages over outsourcing and freelance. When outstaffing, the customer receives:

  • - flexibility and efficiency in human resources management
  • - full control over the human resources involved and their management as his team
  • - project management from his side
  • - the work of an engaged team in the customer ecosystem
  • - direct communications with the employees involved
  • - guaranteed confidentiality and intellectual property rights
  • - savings not only on the cost of ownership of personnel resources, but also on the cost of connection and disconnection

const question_4 = ‘ Why offshore?

Our location allows us to significantly increase the economic efficiency of interaction and as a result the economic efficiency of the entire implementation of the Customer's project. This is achieved by:

  • - regional preferential tax rates
  • - differences in the cost of highly qualified specialists in the rest of the Russian Federation and outside the Russian Federation
  • - low overhead
  • - low prices for electricity, rental of office space
  • - low costs associated with the short-term involvement of high-quality experts in various fields. In our team, you will find specialists of any qualification and its cost will not depend on the duration of the project

const question_5 = ‘ Why from the special economic zone?

Kaliningrad region is an enclave region of Russia, located in the center of Europe. A special economic zone operates in the Kaliningrad region. From January 1, 2018, a number of additional benefits and preferences were introduced for companies operating in the field of information technology. The region specializes in the implementation of projects in the field of IT and has significant personnel potential of highly qualified specialists

const question_6 = ‘ Why «Smart Techno LAB»?

The founder of «Smart Techno LAB» is Ivanov Alexander Valerievich, an expert in the field of programming, distributed systems and cryptography. The author of the BasicChain is the technology for organizing a single distributed peer-to-peer network based on its own transport protocol stack. Expert of the European Association of Universities and Teachers of Higher Education. HiSTES Professional business coach. Internet entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Founder of such companies as: BasicChain, Social CRM, Bounty Hunter, InfoBot, CyberBox, Mining Center, MLM Coin.

«Smart Techno LAB» specializes in the provision of international outstaffing services. The management of the company has many years of experience in the IT industry, and collaborates with companies from Australia, Europe, Russia, etc.

Time-tested basis of interaction with the customer, verified NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and Intellectual Rights Transfer Agreement with each of the employees involved in the work on your project.



15 years in the IT industry

20% cost-effectiveness when working with us

20 implemented projects

10 own projects

5 own products

40 employees in the team



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