About outsoursing of IT personnel

Model of offshore outsourcing of IT-personnel is the most economically effective way of implementation of projects. Differences between outsourcing of IT personnel and functional outsourcing, freelance, inhouse-developments:

Outside the customer's company, there are only technicians who are connected to the project as needed

Greater degree of controllability

Lowering costs of connecting and disabling resources

Confirmed competencies and guarantees of labour discipline

Cost-effectiveness at the same development speed

Sharing Economy and Sharing Resources

"Borrowing" is the work of a remote team for a long time a familiar and built-out process in the field of IT development. It is a clear and transparent business model and product creation model. The model of offshore outsourcing of IT personnel is the most cost-effective way to implement projects. Nuances:

Right to choose. allows HR professionals to interview and select professionals with sufficient competencies

Own management. Within the customer company, professional managers are needed. The main task of the customer management is to properly manage the remote team.

Infrastructure. The remote team is fully integrated into the customer team and its ecosystem.

Optimization. The contract is signed with the implementing company and may be time-limited without any problems.

Effectivity. Reduce the risk of revaluation or undervaluation in terms of time and resources. The developer performs the task just as long as it is required and proceeds to the next one.