We will select employees, form and ensure the effective work of the remote team of developers and individual specialists:

We will select employees and organize:

for permanent work

for work on an urgent project

For temporary work for the required period of time

fly-in/fly-out work of specialits

moving to local office of the Customer


Choice of effective technology

Determination of the architecture of project

Planning of the stages of project implementation

Developing of wireframes and prototypes

Business processes

Coordination of number and quality of team

Search and selection of candidates


Evaluation of professional, individual and personal qualities of candidates

Approval of candidates by the customer

Testing and checking of candidate during probation period

Conclusion and monitoring of compliance of employees with the agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information

Provision of office space and equipment of workplaces

Organization of daily activities and ensuring of effective functioning of team

Organization of monitoring of the team by customer side

General counselling about planning and implementation of the project

Developing recommendations in all stages of project development

Changing of staff on request of the Customer during probation period

Work with interns

Additional services

Representation of Interest

Staff recruiting


Marketing and advertising

Call centers

Office managers and secretaries

Accounting and Finance


transport and logistic

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