About us

Employees of the company have reach experience in organization of planning and development of IT-projects.

Now «Smart Techno LAB» team is working on breakthrough technologies in sphere of distributed systems and cybersecurity, has experience of realization of nine copyright IT-projects and participated in development of another eight projects in sphere of decentralized technology, financial technology (blockchain) and cryptography.

The founder of «Smart Techno LAB» company is Ivanov Alexander Valerevich, an expert in the field of programming, distributed systems and cryptography. The author of BasicChain – technology of the organization of the uniform distributed P2P network based on own stack of transport protocols. Expert of the European Association of Higher Education Institutions and Teachers of HiSTES Higher School. Professional business coach. Internet entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Creator of such Internet projects as: BasicChain, Social CRM, Bounty Hunter, InfoBot, CyberBox, Mining Center etc.

Michail Chukharev


System analyst, entrepreneur, qualified investor, head of manufacturing enterprises with 25 years of experience

Timur Sadykov


Professional manager. Over 15 years of entrepreneurial activity, 8 years of experience as a top manager in an oil company. Implemented more than 20 business projects. Legal and Crisis Management Consultant

Alexander Ivanov


An Internet entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience. A professional developer, at the age of 14, he sold his first Internet project. Expert in distributed systems and cybersecurity

Maxim Demkovich


Leadership, entrepreneurship, IT development, marketing, team building, sales, fintech, conceptual packaging, education, investments

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